Monday, March 9, 2009

Yours Truly, Miss Louie.

Hello Ladies.

My name is Miss Louie. I love all things beautiful.

I am a:
  • Make-up Whore
  • Beauty Product Junky
  • Fashion Slave
  • Art Fanatic
  • Movie Buff
  • Lover of anything cute and adorable
...... and I want to share my personal findings with you.

I've literally spent over several thousands of dollars on make-up and face products. I've been doing my own make-up since the sixth grade (scary I know). From baby blue eyeshadow to hot pink lipstick, I've tried all the trends and tested all the name brands. I absolutely love experimenting with make-up and trying out new products.

Besides my cosmetic addiction, I'm also a huge fashion fanatic. I LOVE FASHION. I cannot seem to restrain myself when it comes to shopping or oozing over the latest Vogue. I sew and make my own LBDs (won best dressed in high school ; p). I'm addicted to clothes and accessories.

My goal for you, ladies, is to provide some good reviews and tips so you can make a conscious and well informed purchase next time you're on a make-up spending binge. I love indulging myself with an expensive treat at Sephora just as much as I love scoping out deals at Walgreen's, so I'll give you the down low on all different types of products. I'll keep you updated on some of my runway favs and season's must haves while posting any cute tidbits I come across.

My blog is devoted to my endless love for cosmetics, fashion, art, and all things beautiful <3


Miss Louie

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