Thursday, March 12, 2009

I just pre ordered... my Nintendo DSi.

Yes. I am a total nerd... but can you seriously deny the adorable-ness of the new DSi??? [got it in blue!]

Nintendo is releasing the third generation of DS in matte blue and matte black to the US on April 5. I pre ordered mine on for $169.99. Some new features include:

*  %12 thinner
*  Screen is now 3.25" instead of 3"
*  Power button on the inside
*  2 cameras [one outside and one inside] so you can take pictures and also manipulate them 
*  Free browser capabilities
*  DSi shop for purchasing content over wi-fi
*  Music player with a SD card

I'm so freakin' excited, now I have something to do in class [I wish i was kidding].

Japan gets these badass new colors:
.... jealousy is an ugly color.... I WANT THE PINK ONE!!!!



  1. As I'm sure you already know, you can purchase the pink dsi from Play-asia, though for almost $80 more. That would be a high price for pink! :)

    Link to Pink DSi at Play-Asia

  2. I did not know that- Thank you!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks so much :) It means a lot.
    You are so fabulous! hehe I love the first pic

  4. omg! i just got my red ds last xmas and i want the new one so bad :(

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