Saturday, May 30, 2009

Be rid of under eye baggage

1. MAC Studio Lights. ( I don't actually know if they sell this anymore, but if you can score some online... it's awesome! )
2. Bare Minerals Well-Rested. It has a yellow tinge to brighten dark shadows and doubles as an eye shadow base. Plus.... I LOVE BARE MINERALS! I swear by it- I use all their products.... maybe I'll do a post on all the Bare Minerals stuff I've used...
* First, dab on the MAC studio lights ( I use Frangipan ) all around the eye area including the inner eye area near the tear ducts.
* Then use a concealer brush and apply a thin layer of Well-Rested and make sure to blend well.
= Fresh looking eyes!

It always does wonders for me and I always use this combo when I'm sleep deprived or hungover. Hope this helps!


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing! Love Bare Minerals too :) Do post on your Bare Minerals stuff

  2. aw! You look so pretty! your smile is very catching :)

  3. Awee, you are so pretty! I also swear by bare minerals. It's amazing stuff. Would love to see your post on it :) xxx

  4. You look gorgeous! I agree that using peachy color correctors under the eyes works wonders!